what does barse mean ffxiv

Bonus = Shorthand for "first-time clear" since adventurers new to a duty grant the party a bonus for first-time completion. Also commonly used with N or S to indicate normal or Savage mode (e.g. Downtime = Time during a fight in which the party or certain jobs cannot damage the boss due to mechanics. What does barse mean? Queue Could refer to the waiting period when trying to enter a duty or be matched with other players. I have a lot of buttons to press during that tankbuster, so Ill weave my mitigation a couple GCDs earlier. In fights that have checkpoints, whether or not the party intends to wipe after reaching the checkpoint to reset skill and item cooldowns. Could refer to the points you accumulate to level up, or familiarity with something. Protean = A mechanic type that involves handling multiple conal AoEs originating from a boss or other actor. SB = Stormblood, the second expansion, considered version 4.0 of the game. Name originates from Alexander - The Arm of the Father. CW/CCW: Clockwise/Counter-clockwise. Sold = Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery; A obsolete currency that was used to purchase item level 100 equipment and crafting materials. FF14 Best DPS Classes (Latest Patch 5.4) A . I need to reset the FC buffs, just a minute. It's best just to shoot for as many points as you can manage. May also refer to loot that is limited weekly. IGN In Game Name. HC Hardcore, often referring to a statics goals, intentions, or time commitment per week. Cleave An (often untelegraphed) enemy AoE that targets a single party member but will damage anyone caught in the line of fire. Blind = Entering a duty without having consulted a guide first. About Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Wiki, Last edited on 25 December 2022, at 07:55, Alexander - The Eyes of the Creator (Savage), Alexander - The Soul of the Creator (Savage), Alexander - The Heart of the Creator (Savage), https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Acronyms,_abbreviations,_and_common_terms&oldid=500615. LotA Labyrinth of the Ancients, the first level 50 Alliance Raid in the Crystal Tower series. I think this is a trap party. 2 Chest: nobody has cleared this week yet. Theres no raidwide attack coming up for a while, so let your regen tick instead of casting another GCD heal. The Endwalker trailer was so cool! MidnightAmazon 8 yr. ago. Positional = An attack action from Melee DPS that will receive a damage increase if used from the rear (behind) or flank (sides) of an enemy target, depending on the action. The gathering Jobs. MC May refer to Main Character, as opposed to a players alternate characters. E.g. PUG / Pugging Pick up group. DoH Disciple of the Hand. The tanks are going to move to the corners of the arena for their flares, while the rest of the party stacks south. Obtained by using a damage parser like ACT. FFXIV has lots of achievements and cosmetics that are very grindy to get. If a number is stated, it indicates how many bars were filled when used. Usually used as a greeting. Also denoted as O#. He changes race all the time; he must use 3-4 fantas a month. See also: Downtime. Victoria is a FFXIV player who's been writing about games for over seven years, including formerly regularly for Polygon and Fanbyte, and also spent some time in The Secret World . A resource used to perform actions while crafting a recipe. See also: D1 / D2 / D3 / D4 and M1 / M2 for overall DPS and acting melee DPS roles. If youre parsing dont worry about your HPS, just keep the party alive. Tank stance = tank actions that can be toggled on/off and significantly increase enmity gained. Except for the database, the website is utterly useless for beginners to learn the game (and MMO mechanics for that matter) and the in-game tutorials arent helpful to learn terms and mechanics. sHC Semi-Hardcore, in reference to a statics goals, intentions, or time commitment per week. These are: Bard, Black Mage, Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Paladin, Scholar, Summoner, Warrior and White Mage. OT Offtank. UCoB = The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate), an ultimate-difficulty 8-player raid, Uptime = Time during a fight that is spent damaging the boss. Flares Often refers to a mechanic where certain party members are marked with proximity markers, dealing raidwide damage to each player based on how close they are to the marked teammate. In organized group content such as raids, when the leader calls a break to allow group members a few minutes to take care of real life biological needs, such as getting snacks, going to the bathroom, etc. E.g. HM = Hard Mode Trials or Dungeons; A variation of a duty that is attainable at level 50. There are events every so often where you earn double MGP. TT Triple Triad. T# = Bahamut raids, with the number indicating the "floor" of the raid. You, the hero of the game (in game lore, also others who are champions of Hydaelyn). You can queue for all your story dungeons using the DF. MSQ Main Scenario Quest. Can be a costly process. Logs Referring to FF Logs. Learn More. Very rarely used. This player-created dictionary is comprised of common, and some uncommon, terms that you might see other players use while playing. SCoB = The Second Coil of Bahamut; also know as Binding Coil of Bahamut turns 6 to 9. Novus = the third upgrade step in the Zodiac series of weapons. Alt = Alternate, usually a player's character or job that is different from their primary character/job. As a Tank, dont save all your defensive cooldowns for the boss; the trash usually hits harder. Without it, you will only have access to Class actions (e.g. A 1.0 character is a character that was created during 1.0 on an account that does not have legacy status. BR = Boss Relative. Bio = Bio break. After completing the level 20 MSQ Sylph Management, you can do your level 30 Class Quest for your Jobstone. I always seem to get the CT raids in my Alliance Roulette. The stuff on the screen that you click on or look at. The white mage class (WHM) is deceptively one of the most beginner friendly and yet uniquely obtuse healer jobs in the game. Defamation = A debuff or mechanic type that will target the afflicted player with a large AoE, requiring them to be isolated from others. The perch; any of various marine and freshwater fish resembling the perch. DL = Darklight; An iLvl 70 gear set obtained from some level 50 dungeons. Greed = To attempt to optimize damage dealt by performing a risky maneuver. Body check = A mechanic type in high-end duties in which all players must be alive at the start of the mechanic and must perform their individual role in the mechanic correctly. If there are less than 4 fresh clears, no chests will drop. How a party plans to handle a specific fight mechanic. Name originates from The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate). Have you ever heard someone say something in game and not known what they were talking about? A resource used on skills to give bonus effects while gathering. Kite = To attack a monster while running away often done by ranged attackers to deal damage while avoiding taking damage though it makes it difficult for the tank to pull the monster off. LB = Limit Break; A powerful party ability in Final Fantasy that must be charged up prior to use and has varying effects depending on the job it is used by. The augmented tomestone gear and the raid gear are the same item level, but the raid gear has more useful substats. Refers to the fourth expansion, its storylines, quests, or content which go up to level 90. Squadron A group of Grand Company NPCs under your command. inv (n.,v.) Has a timer and gives rewards like experience and company seals upon completion. You can check up on whether you're hitting your rotation correctly, or find out where a raid encounter went wrong. Refers to Treasure Map party rules when forming a group. Usually up to two abilities can be weaved ("double weaving"), although there are several exceptions, such as abilities with a long animation lock, or if the prior action has a short global cooldown or a cast time allowing room for only one weave. A lot of buffs for my favourite jobs in this patch: potency increases and some cooldown reductions. Often used to complete older content with ease at a higher level. Describes a type of video game. Enrage to clear: The party has seen the final attack that wipes the group after a set timer, and intends to clear the duty. The arrangement of visual information on your screen. Name originates from mechanics from The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate). This glossary is based on terminology commonly used in NA datacenters, and may differ to PF listings seen in other regions. E.g. DoT = Damage over Time; An ability that deals consistent damage over a given amount of time to a target. W2W / Wall-to-wall = A dungeon pull in which the party engages every enemy group in the path, until they reach a barrier that will prevent further progress until the enemies are defeated. Players can purchase housing privately or together with members of their Free Company. "Warriors of Light" are characters who attended the Battle of Carteneau and represent all 1.0 characters. UCoB The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate), a level 70 Ultimate raid. Tankswap When an Offtank takes over the boss attention and becomes the Main Tank, usually because of specific fight mechanics. DD: Damage down. Bio Can refer to the Arcanist damage over time action, but is also a slang way of telling people you have to go use the washroom. o/ Its a little person with their arm extended above their head in a wave. Pot: Potions/Tinctures. Therefore, all 1.0 characters are Warriors of Light OOCly (which is why we . You can customize your HUD by going to System > HUD Layout. FFXIV does not have an official damage meter. Proc = Programmed random occurrence. A genre of entertainment. Add(s) Enemies which appear partway through a boss fight. Venn diagram = To be hit by two or more AoEs at once that are not fully spread out. An S indicates the savage version of the fight. The perch; any of various marine and freshwater fish resembling the perch. Mainstat The statistics used to calculate HP (Vitality) and your damage output (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Mind, depending on the Job). Clocks: Everyone will be assigned a spot on a cardinal or intercardinal position for a mechanic. Meme = Excessive deaths or wipes to a mechanic that is usually before the advertised progression point of a party for the encounter. Cards: Cardinal positions. We practiced E10S for 2 lockouts yesterday. Thanks! You cant unlock HW Jobs until you reach Ishgard in the story. Coil = The Binding Coil of Bahamut; The game's first 8-man raid instance. Since every fight has its own mechanics to handle, youll often see party finder recruitment messages that describe the tactics they plan on using, which sometimes only make sense if youve previously done that fight or watched a guide video for it, e.g. Prae = The Praetorium; The final dungeon of the 2.0 storyline quests featuring several boss battles and unskippable cutscenes. Keep your GCD rolling to maximize combat efficiency. Farm: The party is clearing the duty over and over for loot and/or tokens. sC Semi-Casual, in reference to a statics goals, intentions, or time commitment per week. If someone is harrassing you in game blist them and consider reporting them as well. without the use of Swiftcast or Dualcast. Norvrandt is where all the ShB zones are. . Expectations will be much lower depending on what part of the fight the leader intends to learn. When youre still learning how to perform the mechanics of a particular fight, and have not yet cleared it. Another way of saying CPM a metric listed on FFLogs that shows how busy a Job or player is based on the frequency of their button presses. The party leader expects members to use damage increasing potions in their opener and in DPS burst phases. AoE Area of Effect. . Philo = Obsolete. A weekly challenge where you complete specific duties (either synced or unsynced) to earn rewards on a bingo-style card. RF = Raid Finder; Merged with Duty Finder, a system implemented to automatically create parties of players that are wishing to enter a specific duty or instance, but used exclusively for the most recent (and most difficult) content, such as Ex Trials and Savage raids. Dont bother with the adds, just burn the boss down. XP Experience, usually referring to the points you accumulate to level up. TOP = The Omega Protocol (Ultimate), an ultimate-difficulty 8-player raid, Tower = An AoE a player must stand in, or will deal high partywide damage if not taken in time, TP = TP; Old resource similar to MP. E.g. Trap = A premade party that is failing to reach the advertised progression point in an encounter. Was the original set of uncapped tome gear. Debuff Any detrimental effect, such as damage down or vulnerability. What does BARSE abbreviation stand for? It doesnt matter which debuff you get, youll always go to the same position. NM = Normal mode trial/raid; Notorious Monster (a type of combat encounter found in Eureka zones). WoL Warrior of Light. Many things in the game are locked behind this quest progression. HoH Heaven on High. CD Cooldown. Often these need to be popped by running into them, and the effects vary significantly depending on the fight. BARSE Meaning. Often mentioned in the context of handling mechanics in savage or extreme content. Updated July 8, 2022 By Banesworth 7 Comments. Snapshots for enemy attacks often register upon when the attack cast bar fills and not with the attack animation. Powerlevelling Tanks and Healers is easy by hitting your daily roulettes and then queuing for the highest levelling dungeon you can enter, running EXP buffs if youve got em. The most useful class of all crafters is Goldsmith because it makes jewelry. My retainers gear is melded to reach the perception breakpoint for max yield of that item. Eden's Gate represents E1-E4, Eden's Verse represents E5-E8, and Eden's Promise represents E9-E12. Movement speed is reduced by 50% for the duration of this effect. YPYT = "You pull it, you tank it". Knockback A mechanic that pushes players in one direction or away from a single originating point. Rez Mage Slang for Red Mage, because of how quickly/frequently they can revive people when needed. Youll be KOd once they reach zero. Can also refer to defensive and healing action usage orders. Wall to Wall When the Tank pulls as many enemies as possible in a dungeon, usually stopping when forced to, by a wall or a boss chamber. Completely deprecated. Can also be called dark RP. Stack(s) (Noun) = The number of simultaneous applications of a given buff or debuff, indicated by a number on the icon. TEA = The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate), an ultimate-difficulty 8-player raid. KFF = Kill For Friend. MMO Massively Multiplayer Online. Pop sprint and move to your position before the mechanic goes off. Femroe Slang term for a female Roegadyn. Damage. FPS Frames per Second. Consider that in an environment where several familiar players are speaking about a specific Jobs toolkit, they may use acronyms instead of typing out an entire skill name, e.g. character or Job. Commonly used in shout chat; indicates you are forming/building a party. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. May also refer to a stacking buff or debuff, which gets progressively stronger the more times it is applied. Theres no in-game damage parser, but lots of raiders use ACT. Note that advertising one's mercenary services in Party Finder is prohibited (e.g. Novus weapons are iLvl 110. "Phase 2 prog, no reset". [Duty Complete (Weekly Reward Unclaimed)]: Only players who have cleared the duty may join. Divebomb = A mechanic type in which an enemy on the outside of the arena will use a wide line AoE through the arena. DPS Damage Per Second. Usually embodies each Job's iconic fantasy aesthetic, and is shown off in expansion trailers. North, East, South, West. Chest: Indicates how many chests of loot a party is expecting from a current Savage clear. RP Role Play. OOM = Out Of Mana/MP; Used to announce to allies that you are very low or completely out of MP. Cardinal One of the four cardinal directions: North, East, South, and West.

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